Photos courtesy of Aspen Creek Landscaping

A longtime client of Aspen Creek Landscaping was moving from the suburbs to downtown Newberg, Oregon. Existing trees were the only plant material kept from the previous owners, leaving a clean slate for the rest of the property. The challenges on the job included major drainage issues, enhancing the character of the house and incorporating the client’s many art features into the landscape design. Daily walk throughs with the homeowner were a must as changes were made on the spur of the moment. The project consumed 1,600 hours of labor, 88 tons of rock and pavers, 48 yards of blended topsoil and 760 plants.

  1. Old heat register collection sites were installed throughout the landscape to move water into the drainage system. The project began with excavating for an 8-foot concrete wall on an elevated lot. The elevation was addressed by using a series of rustic basalt walls and Oklahoma stair treads. The 200-year-old metal capitol cresting was added to the top of the walls to stay within city height requirements while maintaining privacy.
  2. The homeowner’s art and extensive Southern treasures were incorporated into the landscape. More than 20 planting vessels were provided, including a few very old olive pots for the courtyard. Many plants were provided by the homeowner from their previous home and related plant material pulls the project together. This includes many hedging plants to connect the gardens.
  3. The homeowner provided wood doors and wrought iron gates were incorporated throughout the project. The vegetable beds were to be the focus of the front yard. They were raised to a sitting height and capped with a wide concrete cap. It has become a neighborhood favorite.