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Aspire Version 5.0

The pitch: A system that ties together property history, contracts, schedules, invoices and payments in one place.

  • The software features a payment platform and customer portal allowing contractors to accept online payments from clients.
  • This version also includes Fleetsharp, which is a GPS tracking system that provides comprehensive fleet and shop management options.
  • The system also keeps tabs on real time profits and loss reports and features easy integration with QuickBooks to provide job cost reporting.

For more info: Youraspire.com


The pitch: Gain total control over your landscape business with one business system.

  • Eliminates double data entry and syncs with common accounting software packages.
  • Sales, account management, estimating, production and business analysis all in one tool.
  • Mobile time keeping, work orders and site plans in an easy to use format for field staff.

For more info: Bosslm.com


The pitch: Get out of the office and back to what’s important.

  • CLIPitc is a cloud-based lawn care service software designed to help grow your business.
  • A CLIPitc subscription is packed with features without having to pay extra for stuff like routing or QuickBooks integration.
  • CLIPitc offers the ability to route your crews, organize schedules and keep up with billing all in one place.

For more info: CLIP.com

Dynascape Manage360

The pitch: Manage accounts, sales and customer engagement with Dynascape’s Manage 360.

  • The software helps you manage estimates, contracts, work orders, and billing from the customers account.
  • It offers sales pipeline management with the ability to identify probability of close based on where the lead is within the funnel.
  • It creates and manages customer and lead lists for targeted communications.

For more info: Dynascape.com

Real Green Systems Service Assistant

The pitch: Service Assistant is the foundation to any successful service-based business. It is accessible from your home, vehicle or office with seamless 24/7 access.

  • The software automates daily operations and assists with your marketing campaigns.
  • It’s a completely scalable software solution to grow and manage your business.
  • It works on any platform, from Apple to Windows.

For more info: RealGreen.com


The pitch: Slingshot provides a 24/7, multi-channel sales team built for lawn care.

  • Slingshot instantly engages new and current customers on any inbound channel, whether they’re reaching out to you via email, webchat, or social media.
  • With automated alerts, business analytics, and CRM integration, Slingshot makes it easy to grow your business.
  • Slingshot has Backup Overflow Call Support, which keeps wait times low for potential clients.

For more info: Getslingshot.com