Gaia Landscape Management System

The pitch: Manage your entire landscape company from the convenience of an iPad, eliminating the need for paper reporting.

  • All the estimations and payments are done right on the site.
  • Weather management as well as forecast is provided in real time on the field based on a few hundred meters’ accuracy.
  • The system offers GPS location service that helps companies track their fleet as well as truck management.

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The pitch: The software helps home service businesses quote, schedule, invoice and get paid – faster.

  • A simple solution to schedule your team and get paid quickly for your work.
  • View your team member’s locations on Jobber’s map and adjust the rest of the day’s jobs accordingly.
  • Free setup, onboarding and support is offered with every plan.
  • Build custom forms so your team is prepared in the field.

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Azuga Fleet Mobile

The pitch: Track your crews and communicate with them on the go with Azuga’s Fleet Mobile software.

  • Retain drivers with the Azuga Driver Rewards feature.
  • Communicate with drivers using the messaging feature.
  • Record shifts and breaks for payroll purposes.
  • Monitor and correct distracted driving.
  • Reduce risk with an insurance-grade advanced driver scoring and get drivers to compete with gamification.

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Service Autopilot

The pitch: The SA Mobile Application integrates with the entire Service Autopilot business management solution in the cloud. With the mobile app, communicate with crews and gather valuable data such as:

  • GPS tracking and time tracking to automate timesheets.
  • Image capture – take and send jobsite “before and after” pictures.
  • Push notifications and two-way live commenting – send messages to your team when something changes.

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