Erin Cave, VP of Product Management, Verizon Connect
Photo courtesy of Verizon Connect

When the folks at Lawn & Landscape offered Verizon Connect the opportunity to sponsor the “Backstage Pass,” it took all of three seconds to say “yes.”

At Verizon Connect, we talk to a lot of business owners. As a technology company that serves thousands of landscape companies and other mobile service businesses, we know businesses owners are hungry to learn how new equipment, software and practices can help them improve their performance. And on, the case studies our customers have shared with us are among the most popular content on the site.

That’s because business owners love to learn from other business owners. Studying the way best-in-breed companies operate is one the best ways to get ideas on how to improve. But while case studies are valuable, there’s nothing like getting to go behind the scenes and spend time with business owners like you in their own shops.

In this series, the Harvesters are going to take you to places few landscapers get to go: backstage at some of the biggest and most successful landscape businesses around. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor this series of one-of-a-kind experiences.

We know you’ll be inspired. And if you want to read those case studies I mentioned, check out While you’re there you can also learn how fleet tracking, smart dash cams and field service management software can help your company improve efficiency, productivity, fuel costs, driver behavior, and more.

Erin Cave, VP of Product Management, Verizon Connect