I’m excited to bring you this special section of Lawn & Landscape magazine in partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

This section is designed to preview some of the educational sessions at LANDSCAPES 2019, and also give you some immediate tips from the speakers to use in your business today.

First, I want to thank the companies that supported this section – Bayer, Billy Goat, Greene County Fertilizer, Project Evergreen and Real Green. I hope you are able to learn more about these companies during your time in Louisville.

First, this section will be distributed in our August issue, but also at the show in October, which runs from Oct. 15-18. If you are reading this in August, make you sure you register for the event by visiting bit.ly/lscape2019. If you are reading this in October at the show, you’ve made a wise decision. If it’s October and you aren’t here, what are you waiting for?

Obviously, with so much great education, we can’t feature everyone in here, so we’ve plucked a few presenters to speak with us and give you a sneak peek at what they’ll be presenting.

Over the next four stories, you’ll learn how to better serve commercial customers (or win some if you aren’t in the commercial game yet); find out how to build a better culture; get some perspective on working with different generations and crack the surface on safety training.

There’s a wide spectrum of topics to learn about over these four days, so make sure you are ready to take notes, but more importantly, implement what you’ve learned when you get back to work.

Brian Horn, editor, Lawn & Landscape