1. Belgard Aqualine Permeable Pavers

The pitch: Aqualine is designed to provide a large format permeable surface that is suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

  • A combination of structural joints and infiltrating voids optimize system performance.
  • All units are either an imperial 4.5-inch or 6-inch dimensional increment, allowing all pieces to fit together.
  • Multiple patterns are available for aesthetic and functional applications.

For more information: Belgard.com

2. Pine Hall Brick Company StormPave

The pitch: Pine Hall Brick Company’s StormPave permeable pavers can be used in both residential and commercial projects such as walkways, patios, plazas and streets.

  • They are made of shale and water.
  • They can eliminate the need for retention ponds and bioswales, thus saving valuable real estate for other uses.
  • Because they are intentionally designed to look identical to Pine Hall Brick conventional clay pavers, they can be installed in the same area with little to no noticeable difference between previously installed pavers and StormPave.

For more information: Pinehallbrick.com

3. Porous Pave

The pitch: Porous Pave is a pour-in-place permeable paving material made from recycled tires, aggregate and urethane binder.

  • Unlike brick pavers, the entire surface is porous, not just certain areas.
  • Less run-off minimizes and can eliminate the need for sub-surface plumbing, retention ponds or catch basins.
  • Porous Pave is mixed on site and can be applied with little or no damage to the existing landscape.

For more information: Porouspaveinc.com

4. Techo-Bloc Pure

The pitch: Pure brings the larger cobblestone look to permeable pavements for residential and commercial driveways and patios with four different color blends.

  • The 3-piece slab system has ½-inch joint spacing.
  • The infiltration rate is 726 inches/hour.
  • The lifetime, transferable warranty includes deterioration caused by de-icing salts.

For more information: Techo-bloc.com