LawnStarter Lawn Care

The pitch: LawnStarter connects customers with the best lawn care services in your area at the touch of a button.

  • Get an instant quote for lawn care services by inputting your address on their website.
  • Specify your preferences, select a service period and they will assign a fully insured professional lawn care company with years of experience to take care of your yard.
  • LawnStarter saves you the hassle of searching for the best companies by filtering out subpar service providers to ensure only the best pros are taking care of your lawn care needs.

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Plowz & Mowz On-Demand Outdoor Services App

The pitch: Plowz & Mowz offers year-round landscaping services.

  • The app’s proprietary algorithm and instant pricing pairs homeowners with local, independent, insured landscaping companies. Services now extend to commercial property owners in managing numerous landscaping services across multiple properties. All users receive estimated time-of-arrival updates and photos of the completed job directly through the app.
  • Fleet of 8,000+ landscapers have the opportunity to add additional on-demand jobs to their route in between seasonal contracts and the ability to stay one step ahead of the weather from an in-house meteorologist.
  • Lawn, landscaping and snow removal services are available in 50-plus markets across the U.S. Additional services include yard cleanup, mulching, trimming and pruning, aeration, overseeing, fertilization, driveway sealing, haul-away, power washing, pet waste removal, firewood delivery and gardening.

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The pitch: TaskEasy helps landscaping businesses across the U.S. grow their revenue by providing them profitable, pre-built lawn routes through its smartphone application at no cost.

  • Every lawn account or route that TaskEasy offers is free for the landscape business to accept, and all of them are real customers who have already ordered a lawn service through our platform, not leads.
  • Accept a new route or a single lawn account, complete the work outlined in the app and get paid via direct deposit every other Friday.
  • TaskEasy offers its partners free lawn care software that eliminates tedious back-office work such as bidding, routing and billing, helping them keep healthy margins on every job performed.

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The pitch: Eden is the trusted lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal service provider that offers top-rated pros in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Offer an array of services that are categorized into – yard work, lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal services. 
  • Along with the static services, Eden offers on-demand and subscription-based services through the mobile and web app.
  • App offer access to hire the service and connect insured contractors to the property owners.

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