Rain Bird XFS-CV Dripline

The pitch: Durable and easy to install, Rain Bird’s XFS-CV dripline features a heavy-duty, 4.3-psi check valve that keeps it charged with water in elevation changes of up to 10 feet.

  • The check valve prevents water from draining out of the dripline at the zone’s lowest points, preventing plants in those areas from being overwatered and avoiding wasteful puddling.
  • Because XFS-CV Dripline remains charged with water, it more uniformly irrigates all plants in the drip zone.
  • The check valve also helps conserve water by eliminating the need to recharge the dripline at the beginning of each watering cycle.
  • Patented Copper Shield Technology prevents XFS-CV Dripline from being damaged by root intrusion without the use of harsh chemicals or treated filters.
  • Because XFS-CV Dripline is suitable for all drip applications, contractors can reduce their inventories and decrease the possibility of installation errors.

For more information: Rainbird.com/drip

Netafim Techline HCVXR

The pitch: Techline HCVXR landscape dripline infuses Cupron copper oxide directly into the mold of each emitter to provide a root barrier for subsurface drip irrigation systems.

  • Techline HCVXR features a high check valve to ensure that each emitter turns on and off at the same time, maximizing application uniformity and holding back up to 8.5 feet of water when installed on sloping landscapes.
  • The infusion of copper oxide means the root intrusion protection won’t wash off, wear off or leach out of the emitter.
  • Techline HCVXR has a 15-year warranty against root intrusion.

For more information: Netafimusa.com

Jain Irrigation Power-Loc Fittings

The pitch: One Jain Power-Loc fitting fits a wide range of tubing I.D. and wall thicknesses, and offers a rugged alternative to insertion and compression.

  • Connect supply tubing and a different size emitter line with one fitting.
  • Power-Loc fittings have a locking mechanism that is easily tightened after the emitter line is pushed on.
  • Barb design ensures tubing will not slip out or blow off at high pressure or temperature.

For more information: Jainsusa.com

DIG BOHE-BT – Bluetooth Tap Timer

The pitch: DIG’s new Bluetooth hose end timer features low-power-consumption Bluetooth technology combined with a full-function, flexible irrigation timer to deliver feature-packed irrigation control via your smartphone or tablet.

  • Bluetooth communication ranges up to 50 feet.
  • It is completely waterproof (IP68) and can operate in harsh environments.
  • The Bluetooth tap timer is available in many languages.
  • DIG’s Bluetooth hose end timer is powered by two AA batteries and it connects to any standard outdoor water tap without using any tools or pliers.

For more information: Digcorp.com