Clients and customers don’t ask for much: just healthy, beautiful lawns. And why not? A healthy lawn reduces heat and noise, produces oxygen, stops soil erosion, and provides a safer playground than almost any other surface. An important part of growing that healthy, beautiful lawn is controlling the weeds. And that’s why we’re so good at it.

To help with whatever weeds 2018 throws at you, the employee-owners of PBI-Gordon are proud to be the exclusive sponsors of this Lawn & Landscape weed control guide. We’re confident it will help you find all the information you need to find the best weed solutions for your clients.

This special section features columns and articles on controlling the weeds that threaten your clients’ turf and your reputation. You’ll find info on methods and products that will help you deliver the best service possible, from performance and turf safety combination products (We at PBI-Gordon are partial to Avenue™ South Broadleaf Herbicide for Turf) to client-pleasing speed (TZone™ SE is still the fastest triclopyr combo on the market).

We’re honored to once again be a part of this special section. Thanks, and have a great season!


Jay Young, Product Manager, Herbicides