Worm Power Turf is produced in a tightly controlled environment from 100% organic castings and worm-worked material. Worm Power Turf strengthens the Chemical, Physical, and Biological aspects of the soil around a plant’s root zone. Worm Power Turf improves soil health, and the health, vigor and strength of plants.

Visit Aqua-Aid at booth #598.


The multi-purpose 200 Series loaders consists of three models. Avant 220 is for homeowners. When more power is needed, there is the Avant 225 with new 25-hp Kohler EFI gasoline engine. The Avant 225 LPG is equipped with a low emission LPG engine and is suited for multiple indoor operations such as refurbishing and demolition.

The Kohler EFI gas engines, which power the new 200 Series loaders, utilize Kohler’s closed-loop system. An oxygen sensor in the engine’s muffler continuously monitors the air/fuel mixture.

See the entire line at Indoor Booth #3142. Test drive an Avant at Outdoor Booth #7720-D.


OPTIMATRIX Polymeric Jointing Sand is a dry mixture of calibrated sands, polymers, binders and dedicated chemical controlling agents specifically designed to bind firmly and easily together in horizontal pavement joints.

Applied dry into the pavement joints, it will harden and stay in place after activation. It sets in minutes after being activated with water, which ensures a proper installation even when the weather calls for early rain.

Visit DYNA Corp in booth #25000.


At GIE+EXPO 2016, Exmark unveils its new Radius zero-turn riding mower. Developed to provide commercial durability, reliability and comfort combined with unbeatable style and value, three series of Radius – E-Series, S-Series and X-Series – are available. Each features a heavy-duty fabricated frame and Exmark’s exclusive Ultra Cut cutting systems in side- or rear-discharge configurations.

To learn more about the new Radius models, visit the Exmark booth (#7080).

King Innovation

King Innovation has announced the introduction of a new lighting accessory for the lighting professional. Designed to help contractors effortlessly demo low voltage (12V) LED & laser light fixtures. Easy to use, simply thread fixture stake onto base for uplighting or use extension coupler for downlighting demos.

Visit King Innovations in booth #260.

Masport USA

Masport’s new “Contractor” 3 N’ 1 professional self-propelled mower features a commercial grade 3 speed, “change on the go” transmission, which provides the perfect speed-to-job ratio. Powered by the choice of either the Commercial Honda GXV 160 or Briggs & Stratton series 850 engine, this 21” self-propelled mower is perfect for large yards and landscaper commercial use. Designed for professionals, the 3 speed GT transmission features an all metal, constant mesh, oil lubricated, cone clutch gearbox with precision bearings to the shafts, providing strength and durability.

The die-cast aluminum wheels, fitted with precision bearings, are extremely tough and designed to operate under commercial conditions. The extra wide 8” x 9¼” wheels are fitted with a synthetic rubber tire, providing exceptional traction and smooth operation.

To learn more about Masport’s “Contractor,” visit booth #10180.


MiniTrencher is pleased to introduce its new product line of portable, commercial hand held trenchers, the GeoRipper. Replacing the need for a pick and shovel, GeoRipper takes a fraction of the time to trench. The GeoRipper is compact, weighing as light as 30 pounds.

Enabling the capability of trenching in tight spaces, it is used for irrigation, electrical, fiber optic, landscape edging, root barriers, fencing. The trenching applications are endless.

Providing contractors with an alternative to large and cumbersome trenchers, the GeoRipper utilizes a heavy duty two or four-stroke engine to power a self-sharpening chain trencher. The trencher can be mounted on an EZ Kart for longer runs that require consistent digging depths.

Visit MiniTrencher at booth #22090.


Nature Safe’s 15-0-1 Hi-Sol Organic Nitrogen fertilizer is the highest concentrated, unrestricted use organic certified, dry-flowable product on the market.

Listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), the 15-0-1 is an ideal tool to spoon feed organic nitrogen applications for organic growers, nurseries and turf through irrigation systems, drip lines, spray tanks or pivots.

The product is comprised entirely of the highest quality organic protein and amino acids and also contains .2 percent iron along with 1 percent soluble potassium that is naturally chelated.

The protein concentration of this product exceeds 92 percent.

Visit Nature Safe’s Booth #9035 to receive a free sample of 15-0-1 Hi-Sol Organic Nitrogen.


The NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent System is powered by low-voltage electricity.

Each Haven fixture contains a mosquito repellent cartridge. Low-voltage electricity heats the cartridge, which then produces an odorless, invisible and silent mosquito repellent vapor.

Each fixture repels mosquitoes within a 110-square-foot area, and four fixtures provide enough coverage for the average deck or patio

An optional timer/control allows programming of two circuits (repellent and lighting) for automatic operation.

NuTone Haven will be located at booth #22001.


Control Solutions Inc., (CSI) is launching, Taurus Trio G, a new Quali-Pro branded insecticide.

When Taurus Trio G is used for fire ant control, it will provide quick knockdown and long residual performance on all ants, mole crickets, fleas and ticks.

Taurus Trio G is registered for use by licensed applicators for broadcast applications on turfgrass and landscaped areas including golf courses, residential, commercial, outdoor containerized nurseries, industrial areas, cemeteries, parks, campsites, schools, sports fields and sod farms.

Taurus Trio G can also be used for fire ant mound, perimeter, and boundary treatments.

For more information on Taurus Trio G, visit booth #4006.

Worldlawn Power Equipment

Technologically-advanced, versatile and built to last, the Encore Edge ensures a superior cut even in the most challenging conditions. The 23 HP Kawasaki FR691V guarantees power, while smooth maneuverability grants you absolute control of the expansive 52” deck. A perfect combination of muscle and efficiency, the Edge will leave your lawn a cut above the rest.

Worldlawn is at booth #7034.


Wright Manufacturing will introduce a new 36” Sport Intensity mower at GIE+EXPO. The Sport I’s fold-away seat is positioned so the operator can step off for quick exits or to remove debris, and the mower stops immediately. All three engines –18.5, 19 and 22 HP – deliver a top speed of 8.2 MPH, and the Sport I is covered by Wright’s two-year limited warranty.

Test drive the Sport Intensity at Wright’s outdoor booth 7624-D, or in the exhibit hall at booth 3094.