For more than 80 years, FINN has been providing quality equipment to the landscape and erosion control industries and is your ground and soil management solution. Our machines are known for productivity, reliability, and long lasting product performance. Our company is known for innovation, dependability, and industry leading product support.


Only FINN provides the widest variety of model sizes ranging from 300-4000 gallon capacities. Designed to be operator friendly with variable speed reverse agitation to safely speed up the loading and mixing process, they have ergonomically balanced booms and OSHA compliant railings. Optional equipment, such as stainless steel tank packages, hydraulic or electric hose reels, ground level controls, and high flotation tires are readily available. For the landscape industry, FINN HydroSeeders are ideal for installing new turf, turf repair and restoration, overseeding, remote watering, and dust suppression. Erosion control is a common commercial reason for hydroseeding with many construction sites required to have some form of temporary or permanent erosion control, making FINN HydroSeeders your project solution.


Offering a range of sizes, the FINN Bark & Mulch Blowers provide for the quick and efficient blown-on application of a variety of mulches, bark, soil blends, and compost for the landscape, playground, erosion control, and construction industries. From small tow-behind units perfect for residential landscaping needs to larger mid-size units for commercial projects, FINN has the Bark & Mulch Blower for the job. As the most versatile worker on the job site – delivering needed materials to tough terrain, behind retaining walls and fences, and all hard-to-reach areas – a FINN Bark & Mulch Blower will increase productivity, while reducing labor and material costs.


FINN Straw Blowers multiply your productivity and profits by doubling straw coverage in a fraction of the time it takes to apply by hand. Designed to deliver smooth, reliable power for maximum straw shredding and discharge, they make quick work of straw mulching even in the most demanding conditions and can handle jobs ranging from small lawns to massive mining sites.