Irritrol Climate Logic Wireless Weather Sensing System

The pitch: The Climate Logic Weather Sensing System is the wireless weather sensor that monitors site-specific weather conditions to automatically adjust watering.

  • Wireless weather sensor monitors temperature, precipitation and sun exposure to prevent over-watering and provide just the right amount of water to plants and turf.
  • Built-in radio enables easier installation than wired systems, while built-in RainSensor includes adjustable precipitation, dry-out period and freeze detection.
  • Compatible with new or existing Irritrol Rain Dial-R, Total Control-R, KwikDial and MC-E Blue series controllers.

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Irrometer WaterSwitch Landscape Automation Module

The pitch: The WaterSwitch is an affordable method of making a conventional irrigation controller smart.

  • Works in conjunction with residential-type irrigation controllers to suspend irrigation cycles based on soil moisture status.
  • An included Watermark soil moisture sensor is placed in the root zone of turf grass and wired to the WaterSwitch mounted near the irrigation controller.
  • Easy to install and use – requires no seasonal adjustments.

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Rain Bird WR2 Rain/Freeze Sensor

The pitch: The WR2 responds quickly to prevent irrigation systems from operating during rainfall and cold temperatures.

  • Choose your own rainfall set points and save up to 35 percent on water usage.
  • Because signal strength is displayed on both the sensor unit and the controller interface, the WR2 can be easily installed by one person. The sensor’s versatile mounting bracket quickly attaches securely to a gutter or any vertical surface.
  • Programming the WR2 is simplified for fast set-up. In just a few seconds, you can select set points, program the irrigation modes and save your contractor default.

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Toro Precision Series Soil Sensor

The pitch: Leveraging Toro sensing technology used in high-end commercial sites, the Precision Soil Sensor reduces water waste by continuously measuring moisture levels in the soil and determining when to allow your controller to water, maximizing the efficiency of your irrigation system.

  • Works with nearly all irrigation controllers and wireless communication makes installation quick and easy.
  • Prevents overwatering by continuously monitoring moisture levels to determine when to allow irrigation.
  • Includes freeze detection to prevent watering when temperatures approach freezing.

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