Berlon Meltrr

The pitch: Berlon’s Meltrr is just the salt spreading tool you need this winter.

  • Save time and gain productivity with the scoop and go design, eliminating the need to hand load all that salt.
  • The Meltrr also features a hydraulic auger and spreader, speed is adjusted with the engine speed (rpm).
  • It comes complete with hoses, couplers and hose saver and is available in 60-inch 26-cubic-ft capacity and 72-inch, 32-cubic-ft capacity.

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The pitch: MeltzAll is NSC Minerals premium, natural, multimineral deicer.

  • This sodium and calcium chloride blend is naturally pink for easy visibility with deep penetrating power.
  • Melts to -28C (-18F) and comes in 5kg (11 lb) shaker jug, 10kg (22 lb) pail, 10kg (22 lb) bag and 18kg (40lb) bag.

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