Wireless Flow Sync Sensor

The pitch: Hunter's Wireless Flow Sync sensor offers irrigation professionals a simple way to add flow monitoring to a system, protecting even the largest landscapes from damage and wasted water. The WFS monitors flow and instantly notifies the controller in case of a broken pipe or leak, prompting the system to shut down.Wireless flow sensor saves time, materials and labor

  • The sensor provides station-level flow monitoring for reaction to high- or low-flow conditions, helping to protect against waste and damage from leaks
  • Sensor is pre-calibrated for K-factor and Offset based on pipe size, allowing for quick setup and programming within the controller
  • A multi-color LED on the receiver indicates proper communication to the transmitter, as well as remaining battery life

For more info: Hunter.direct/oe

Rain Bird WR2-48 Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor

The pitch: Rain Bird’s WR2-48 Wireless Rain Sensor has an electronic 48-hour delay, preventing irrigation from happening after at least ¼” of rain. If there’s additional precipitation during the delay, the sensor restarts the countdown.

  • After a measurable rain, soil doesn’t need water for at least 48 hours, but by delaying irrigation for a minimum of 48 hours, WR2-48 eliminates wasteful overwatering
  • Independent testing shows disc-based rain sensors dry out faster than the soil, allowing irrigation before it’s needed
  • Programming is simple, as users can simply select set points, program the irrigation modes and save them as default settings. Plus, the battery is long-lasting but easy to replace when needed
  • The easy-to-install sensor brackets can be hooked up to flat surfaces and rain gutters, and the antennas on the device are concealed

For more info: Rainbird.com

K-Rain Universal Rain Sensor Kit

The pitch: Turn any irrigation controller into a wireless water manager. The sensor products efficiently suspend watering during rain and/or freeze periods. What’s more, the installation is quick and simple, and the product is weather-resistant as it’s made with impact modified, UV resistant polymer for longer outdoor exposure. It’s maintenance-free and there are no batteries to replace.

  • The Universal Rain Sensor Kit is a cost-efficient way to add wireless rain sensor technology to irrigation controllers, ensuring a landscape can be irrigated without unsightly wires
  • The sensors are compatible with most manufacturers, so users can enhance their existing irrigation systems with the K-Rain products
  • The model, 3208-UWRFS, is the latest K-Rain rain sensor and will easily pair with the other sensors in K-Rain’s lineup

For more info: Krain.com