Melville Plank Paver

The pitch: Belgard’s Melville Plank offers a smooth face and clean lines to create a stylish, contemporary look with classic appeal.

  • As part of Belgard’s Metropolitan Collection, this sleek paver complements the Melville Slab, Melville Wall and Melville Tandem as well as additional coordinating products within the collection.
  • Melville Plank can be used alone or to add accents or borders to a variety of designs, including walkways, patios and pool decks.
  • Available in two different sizes, Melville Plank can be installed in a variety of patterns for a clean look with minimal maintenance.

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Del Conca USA Due2

The pitch: Designed with application flexibility and simplicity in mind, due2 is a 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware by Del Conca USA. Crafted with impeccable execution, due2 is the right solution for any type of outdoor project.

  • Due2 is built to withstand anything life brings.
  • With its high-impact performance, due2 is impervious to liquids, stain resistant, frost proof, anti-slip, and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics.
  • Due2 comes in six designs and is available in stone, wood and quartz looks.

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Pine Hall Brick Old School 8s

The pitch: Old School 8s are a line of PaverTiles that hark back to a time when a 2X4 was 2” by 4” and stone was stone and not colored concrete.

  • PaverTiles are slices of either one-half or three-quarters of an inch off of existing clay pavers.
  • The PaverTiles are installed like ceramic tiles, indoors on walls and floors, and outdoors as overlays on concrete slabs.
  • Old School 8s come in eight styles: Speakeasy, The Original, Rich Mahogany, Jazz Hall, Capone, Hemingway, Churchill and Chicago Reclaimed.

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