At the 2019 Irrigation Association show in December, Lawn & Landscape magazine walked through a packed show floor with over 250 exhibitors. There were also 56 entries across five categories in the IA’s New Product Contest at the show. During the recap of several awards in 2019 and the formal introduction of the Irrigation Association’s new president, Jon Topham, attendees learned the winners of this year’s New Product Contest. The winners were:

  • Specialty Agriculture: Valley Scheduling of Valley Irrigation
  • Specialty Landscape: Drill Pump by Action Machining
  • Landscape Lighting: Lighting Design Module of Irrigation F/X 16.0 by Land F/X
  • Agricultural Irrigation: CPH Sand & Silt Seperator from Epiphene
  • Landscape Irrigation: Klift-It by KJ Ketterling Enterprises

Beyond the scope of the competition, there were also plenty of products we saw at the IA Show floor. Here’s some of what we saw:

K-rain RPS Select Rotor

The pitch: K-Rain’s RPS Select rotary sprinkler is a gear-driven sprinkler that makes matched precipitation fast and easy without the need to change nozzles in the field.

  • It offers a choice of four selectable, built-in nozzles that can be installed simply using a flathead screwdriver.
  • An adjustable arc between 40 degrees and 360 degrees.
  • It features precision-engineered nozzles and a standard rubber cover.

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QL Down Light

The pitch: The new, ultra-compact QL provides an innovative down lighting solution for narrow posts, perimeter fencing, columns, doorways, and pergolas.

  • It features a modular bracket for ultimate flexibility during installation, plus die-cast aluminum construction for durability.
  • A wide-beam angle spread ensures more of the landscape is lit to your specifications, plus it has zoning and dimming when used with a Luxor controller.
  • No visible hardware and a single setscrew keeps the design looking sharp.

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Vectorworks Landmark 2020 software

The pitch: Landmark streamlines integrated 2D and 3D landscape-specific design, modeling and presentation workflows.

  • The updated tool offers live data visualization, walkthrough animations, GIS improvements and enhancements to the data tag tool.
  • The 3D modeling is more adaptive than in previous iterations of Vectorworks products, as modifications to an object in a design doesn’t require the user to start over again.
  • Users can now create custom data sheets, allowing collaborators to use those same entry points to instantly add their data to the appropriate object.

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Toro 17MM Drip In Brown Dripline

The pitch: Now available in industry-standard 17mm size, Drip In Subsurface Dripline is designed to save water while also making your job easier and more productive.

  • It’s compatible with most fittings, dripline and hose for easy retrofits and system expansions.
  • A double-outlet emitter design allows for greater debris tolerance.
  • The pressure-compensating design keeps the flow consistent.

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Rain Bird IQ4 Central Control Platform

The pitch: Rain Bird’s new IQ4 Central Control Platform provides full remote irrigation system access and advanced water management features from any web-based device.

  • Available in five languages, the platform can manage small, single-controller sites as well as large, multi-controller sites.
  • A redesigned user interface makes it possible to remotely manage and monitor Rain Bird’s ESP-LX Series controllers quickly and spend less time checking settings.
  • Features like automatic, weather-based adjustments and real-time diagnostics help contractors and property managers save time, money and water.

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Tree Hugger Tree Brace

The pitch: Trees can now be totally supported by an easy-to-use, high-technology molded system that can be installed in under five minutes.

  • Engineered to eliminate improper angles, the Tree Brace offers optimal tree stability.
  • This reusable staking system is manufactured with molded polypropylene, custom formulated to endure harsh weather conditions for decades.
  • No specialized tools or related equipment are needed for the staking of each tree.

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KJ Ketterling Enterprises Kap-It

The pitch: The Kap-It riser allows you to raise a sprinkler with no digging.

  • Expose the top of the sprinkler head and unscrew the nozzle, add the stem extender and snap on the new top. After reattaching the nozzle, you’re done.
  • This process keeps irrigation maintenance simple as no tools are required, plus this keeps dirt from getting into the irrigation lines.
  • Kap-It fits on most popular heads and changes none of the original workings. They are also stackable for extra deep heads.

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