I’m sure the last two months have felt more like two years for many of you. Reality kinda bites lately, even if you, your family and business are doing fine. So, this month, I’m dedicating this space to some positive thoughts from your peers.

Brian Horn, editor, Lawn & Landscape

We’ve sent out a few surveys to get a feel of how the industry is doing and left a spot for respondents to leave comments about how they are handling the pandemic. Here are just some of the responses:

  • I believe this has made me a better boss and businessperson. Realizing we all want and need to work but really the health of the employees and customers are the top priority – you sometimes (lose) that thought when you get so busy. Without those two key things, you are not going have a business long.
  • We have found that since all the stay-at-home orders, our clients have spent time getting a lot of projects around the house done, walking around the yard and noticing things they didn’t notice before. They are far more inclined to make changes or upgrades.
  • Surprisingly, this is the first time in 30 years I have not seen our industry or at least my business suffer due to this circumstance and turn down (downturn) in the economy. I feel extremely blessed which enables me to help many others.
  • We have taken a positive attitude and reminded people their yard is one place that hasn’t been cancelled, where fresh air and family fun are abundant. You can read more responses and find the survey results by visiting bit.ly/lawncorona.
Reality kinda bites lately, even if you, your family and business are doing fine.

As you continue to navigate through this year, I’ll leave you with lyrics from a song that I discovered because of a COVID-19 death that seems fitting for the current climate – “Better Things” by the Kinks.

Here’s wishing you the bluest sky/ And hoping something better comes tomorrow/ Hoping all the verses rhyme/And the very best of choruses, too/Follow all the doubt and sadness/ I know that better things are on the way. – Brian Horn