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Whether it’s for work or fun, UTVs are becoming a more popular piece of equipment for landscape contractors. We surveyed more than 200 contractors and here are some of the results. For more survey results and coverage on UTVs, visit bit.ly/lawnutv or check out our June issue.

Utility vehicles in the news

YANMAR America introduced the all new YANMAR Bull Series Utility Task Vehicles (UTV), which will be available in two designs, the standard “Bull” model with three seats in a single row, and the “Longhorn” edition with two rows and six individual seats. Featuring a 700cc class gas engine and premium design, the new UTVs will be sold exclusively through the company’s North American Compact Construction Equipment and Agriculture Tractor dealer network beginning in January 2017.

This new line of products from YANMAR is the result of a partnership with Yamaha Motor Corporation as an expansion of the two companies’ global partnership in which they have worked together in the fields of industrial-use unmanned helicopters, generators and snow blowers.

Hustler announced that it’s entering the UTV market with the introduction of the MDV (Maximum Duty Vehicle).

The new MDV features a LEVELIFT dump bed, which allows the cargo box of the UTV to shift all the way from the back of the vehicle to the ground. This allows for contractors to lift heavy materials and equipment by just pushing it onto the cargo box back and using the controls to lift it up. The bed can also be lifted to dump at any height or distance.

A storage compartment in the front allows contractors to hold tools and smaller equipment for use on the go.

Production for the MDV is set to begin in early spring of 2017.

American Landmaster introduced its new line of UTVs – LandStar. The new line features ergonomic cockpit with easy entrance and exit, high capacity hauling (up to 500 lbs.) and towing (up to 1,200 lbs.) and available locking differential and on demand switchable 4 wheel drive.

The company also partnered with Kohler and Briggs & Stratton along with CV-Tech, Schafer Drivelines, and Hilliard to create the LandMAXX commercial power engine system. It also is compatible with a complete line of accessories ranging from turf tires to snow plows, windshields, winch, receivers and more.