BOSS V-Plow Cutting Edges

The pitch: BOSS has developed a range of tough, long-lasting cutting edges to handle the intense wear and tear of snow plowing.

  • Constructed using a Hardox wear plate for extended wear resistance.
  • Feature a unique curb guard to protect the cutting edge and blade from side impacts.
  • Patented and proven snow catcher is specifically designed to catch snow at the plow’s pivot point.

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FISHER HC Extreme Wear Shoe Kit

The pitch: The Extreme Wear Shoe Kit for the HC plow is optimized for applications with high wear rates.

  • Extends the life of cutting edges by increasing the surface area in contact with the ground.
  • Comprised of AR400 steel, the kit is ideal for aggressive surfaces like granite and higher speed plowing applications such as small roads or parkways.
  • Immediate availability for the HC plow.

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SnowEx Scrape Maxx Down-Force Kit

The pitch: Unleash your plow’s scraping potential with the Scrape Maxx Down-Force Kit, available for all SnowEx truck plows.

  • The active downforce maintains consistent surface pressure, applying more force to break through hardpack.
  • The kit maximizes back dragging performance, which is especially important for lighter plows.
  • Intuitive One-Button activation.

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WESTERN WIDE-OUT and WIDE-OUT XL Poly Cutting Edge Kit

The pitch: WESTERN’s poly cutting edge kit is designed for decorative concrete, driveways and other sensitive surfaces.

  • Comprised of polyurethane to minimize surface damage.
  • A complete kit includes all the necessary edges and hardware for both the wings and moldboard.
  • Available in two sizes to fit the Wide-Out and Wide-Out XL.

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