Last year, companies were bursting at the seams with work. Yes, there were challenges like lack of labor and supply chain delays, but overall, business was good for those in the landscape and lawn care industry. The numbers this year are still solid, but the percentage of companies that made a profit declined. This year, 79% said they turned a profit, while 87% said the same last year. As far as revenues, the mean increased to $1.29 million compared to $1.03 million in last year’s report. The median took a slight dip, falling to $273,000 — which was also the median revenue in our 2019 report — from $297,000.

But confidence in growth next year for the industry overall is trending up. Only 3% are not confident the industry will grow in 2021 compared to 10% last year. But landscape and lawn care professionals aren’t as confident in their own business growing with 8% percent responding they aren’t confident at all that they will grow. But that is still an improvement compared to 11% last year.

Labor is still a top concern, but for the first time in years, fuel costs ranked slightly higher.

Even though only a quarter of you anticipate selling your company in the next 10 years, one number that did climb was the percentage of owners who have an exit strategy — 52%. That’s up from 43% last year. The median age increased from 51 to 54 years old, which could have factored into that increase, as could the continued interest from private equity firms. Whatever the reason, it’s a good sign that owners are prepared if and when they decide to retire or move on to a new opportunity.