This introduction to the state of the industry is not a reprint, but in many regards we’re in the very same uneasy situation as a global community as we were just one year ago. The pandemic continues to impact our personal lives and our profession in ways that we could not predict even just a year ago.

It has been said that the one constant is change itself. As a manufacturer, we know this to be true and have had to embrace constant change at a faster pace than ever before, as have Kubota dealers, nimbly pivoting to respond to customers’ needs in extraordinary ways.

Todd Stucke, Kubota

In a recent conversation with a commercial cutter, he explained that he hasn’t seen anything like the current environment in his 30 years of doing business. At the center of his uncertainty is the rapid pace of employee turnover and simply not having enough people who want to work. While recruitment and retention have always been high on the list of challenges, owner and operator fatigue may now outpace it. The daily charge is to keep the employees who do show up healthy, productive, and coming back to work, day after day.

At Kubota, this is exactly where our efforts are focused. Our work helps you improve your operator performance to yield better results and reduce time on the job. We design, develop, and continuously improve our commercial mowing equipment with your business goals in mind. And our commitment is to not only be your equipment provider but your business partner.

We recently added more flexibility to both our financing and our fleet program to offer more contractor solutions to better suit a wide range of changing needs. This ability to stay nimble is designed to allow you to better compete, remain profitable and, most importantly, to grow your business, even in challenging times.

So, as we near the year’s end, we remain optimistic about the outlook for 2022 because we believe in the resiliency of our industry. Just like the 30-year industry veteran I referenced said, “We’ll get through this, we always do.” It is this sentiment that has us looking forward with an unwavering commitment to the turf segment to deliver new products and finance offers to help you better navigate this ever-changing business landscape.

In the meantime, let’s stay positive, forward focused, and together we will embrace the change at every turn.

Best regards,

Todd Stucke

Sr. VP Marketing, Product Support & Strategic Projects, Kubota Tractor Corporation
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Kubota North America