1. Rain Bird LNK WiFi module

The pitch: The LNK WiFi module is a plug-in accessory for Rain Bird’s new ESP-Me and ESP-TM2 controllers.

High-tech: The module provides contractors and property owners with remote irrigation system management via a free downloadable mobile app and communicated via a module access point.

For more information: Wifi-pro.rainbird.com

2. Rachio 3 Smart Water System

The pitch: Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller features shared remote access which allows irrigation pros to monitor and adjust homeowners’ schedules for anywhere.

High-tech: Features dual band WiFi compatibility –both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz – making it compatible with more routers.

For more information: Rachio.com/pro

3. SMRT Logic Cloud Based Landscape Control

The pitch: Monitor and manage irrigation, landscape lighting and more through your PC, tablet or smartphone.

High-tech: Simple plug and play installation with no passwords or permissions needed and up to three times the communication range of WiFi.

For more information: Smrt-logic.com

4. K-Rain BL-KR Bluetooth Battery Powered Controller

The pitch: No more crawling around the valve box to program a battery powered timer.

High-tech: Change controller settings via smartphone, tablet or web browser and manage up to 400 controllers from one app.

For more information: Krain.com

5.UgMO Knows

The pitch: UgMO is a wireless, below ground soil sensor system that measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity, on a zone-by-zone basis.

High-tech: The UgMO Knows web app is an advanced analytical and operational software package. The software interface is available on any internet capable device such as web browsers, smart phones or tablets.

For more information: Ugmo.com