April 2019


Cover Story

Healthy competition

Contests create friendly rivalries among coworkers and keep the drive alive at various companies across the country.

Buckling down on design/build

How long will the robust construction market last? Contractors are preparing with operational efficiencies and necessary price adjustments.

Finding the right fit

For contractors jumping into building outdoor amenities, installation kits might be the perfect starting point.

Lawn Care

Application overhaul

Don’t just spray and pray. With the right rig setup, you can make sure that your customers’ lawns look their best.


Money from within

Starting an internal scholarship program can promote company culture and doesn’t need to be complicated.


Get grounded

Mulch and groundcovers are staples in many landscapes. Here’s what’s trending this year.

Trade Shows

Travel and taxes

Tax season may be over, but learn which tax write-offs for trade show attendance are permissible moving forward.


Q&A with the Experts