July 2016


Twitter 25

Tweet like you mean it

In May, we featured our Twitter 25, some of the companies we think shine on Twitter. Here are some tips on tweets from a few of them. Follow #LLTwitter25 for more.

Hardscape Profit Builder

Solid growth

Segmental concrete paving sales soar 14.1 percent in the U.S. and Canada maintaining double digit growth in 2015.

Too hot to handle

East Coast transplants living in Arizona wanted their desert landscape to become more exciting and refreshing.

The Water Issue

X marks the spot

John Taylor makes sure the water used for his irrigation jobs always hits the target. Because of it, his business is thriving.

Mandatory savings

Sometimes you have to take the decision away from your customers.

The irrigation army

In honor of Smart Irrigation Month, Jain Irrigation helped irrigate family fields in the Dominican Republic.