July 2020


The Water Issue

Finding their flow

Irrigation companies are still focused despite small setbacks from COVID-19.

Stay cool

Water is a key component of avoiding heat stress, but that’s not all you need to do to stay healthy.

Decreasing downtime

Dew Drop Lawn Sprinklers reduced downtime and inspired irrigation technicians to become property problem-solvers through technician-driven sales.

Tapping the team, selling savings

Environmental Designs, Inc., relies on internal and external experts to help clients understand why water management is mission critical.

Snow and Ice Report

Price fix

Due to economic hard times, clients may inquire about discounts and renegotiating contracts prior to Winter 2020-21.

Liquid solutions

Converting from rock salt to liquid anti-icing products brings several benefits for professional snow and ice managers.

Down to business

With the sales season approaching, it’s vital to impress upon clients the value and safety are the ROI for snow and ice, and not price.

Q&A with the Experts