June 2019



Home defense

Combat invasive species this season with products designed to fight a variety of problematic critters.

Irrigation Sensors

Sensor savvy

High-tech irrigation sensors are entering the market, but their primary goal is still the same as ever: conserving water.

Lawn Care

A different game

It takes a different skillset to manage sports turf because the fields constantly face wear and tear.

Employee of the Year

Lance Smith is the machine

Smith is a natural with equipment, and his lead-by-example demeanor has helped raise a productive team at Proscapes.

Two green thumbs up

From top-notch customer service to money saving ideas, Excequiel Morales earned an Employee of the Year award.

Snow and Ice Report

Call in the big guns

When a plow and a pickup just won’t do, here’s how to press heavy equipment into service on a commercial site.

Ice breakers

Products to mitigate ice build-up and reduce slip-and-fall vulnerability.

Tech Report

2019 Tech Report

From drones to software, we’ve got the latest on technology you need to know about.