June 2021


Lawn Care

Always on their minds

When a backyard is the home office view and the outdoors is a reimagined vacationland, services like lawn care become even more important to customers.

Employee of the Year

A compassionate coach

Sean Blair’s affinity for fitness lets him lead crews through back-breaking work with expertise and empathy.

Back where he belongs

Alex Heffelmire knows what it’s like to work at a desk. He’s glad he’s back outside.

All in the family

Lauren Morales has handled all sorts of jobs at Architectural Land Design, but they all require a keen focus on getting things right.

Tech Report

Tech specs

This year's report shows the green industry is continuing to embrace software even more.

Transformative tech

Technology can help a company run more efficiently and provide better services, and it doesn’t have to be a costly investment.

Use it or lose it

If nobody at your company is an expert in your new software, it’s going to fail.