May 2021



Relative changes

It stays in the family at Lawn Cure, which has greatly reduced its employee turnover by making a few key changes.

Getting attached to mower attachments

With the right attachment in the right application, lawn maintenance contractors can use their mowers to deliver additional services from one season to the next.

Lawn Care

Weed whackers

These post-emergent herbicides will help you target problem weeds with more success.

Supply Chain

Sold out

The industry faces plant shortages from last year's soaring pandemic sales and this year's southern freeze.

The Top 100

Green savings

McHale Landscape Design originally started its in-house recycling program to reduce its trash expenses, but now the sustainable decision is saving customers money, too.

Back to school

To set themselves apart from competition, Chenmark employees are investing in classes to learn more about all sides of the business.

Trust the process

Intermountain Plantings aims to have confident decision-makers at all levels of the company.