November 2016


Lawn Care

Winter warning

As fall comes to an end, you’ll have to keep an eye on these diseases in your customers’ lawns.


Join the club

As more opportunities become available, companies may see benefits of joining a franchise.

Benchmarking Your Business Report

The owner’s paycheck

What’s fair market value, anyway? Here’s how landscape business owners figure a decent salary and what factors go into their wages.

Nail your numbers

Landscape business owners share how they budget and what they’ve learned about getting the numbers right.

Fueling the sales engine

How you structure pay, commission and incentives for sales staff depends on your goals and their values.

Compare & contrast

Use our data to see where you stand relative to the rest of the industry

Snow & Ice Supplement

To the extreme

CAM Services uses 400 to 500 employees and subcontractors to handle the rapidly changing Colorado weather.

Life in the Snowbelt

The team at Landstyles Landscape Development sticks to a small service area because of the amount of snow the company’s location receives.

Reliable through the storm

A breakdown during a snow event can leave your team out in the cold, which is why equipment maintenance is so important.