October 2016

Leadership Awards

Destined to design

What started with a toy designed for kids took Paul Fields to the top of a multi-million-dollar landscaping company.

Giving back

Zachary Johnson spends his time in the industry molding the minds of others around him.

Chief encouragement officer

Although Larry Ryan doesn’t own most of his company, he still puts his entire heart into the operation.

Unite & conquer

Larry Wilson has spent years bringing New York lawn and landscape professionals together to fight harmful regulations.

State of the Industry Report

Blue skies ahead

Contractors forecast steady growth for the industry heading into next year.

Punch the clock

Companies are making big changes to overtime following new rules from the Department of Labor.

Seats to fill

Hiring continues to be at the forefront of what is holding landscaping companies back from growth.

A burden of a ban

A moratorium on pesticides in one Maryland county is putting the industry on watch.


Lawn Care

Turf treatment

While the product does most of the work on a lawn, the right sprayer or spreader can make the application easier for the technician.

Making the right mix

As we head toward the end of 2016, chemical manufacturers are getting a head start on how they can help your company in the new year.


Cutting conversion

Two contractors explain why they made the switch to propane, and what to consider if you are thinking about making the move.


Knock, knock

While digital marketing continues to grow, door-to-door sales can still be a useful strategy to add clients.


Youth movement

Recruiting younger talent can be a challenge, but selling the industry to the next generation is one way to do it.

Green Roofs

Where green is going

Professionals weigh in on the current and future state of green rooftops, and how it can apply to landscaping and beyond.


Fast track

GPS systems help contractors save time and money, and recover their vehicles.

Hardscape Profit Builder

Early end date

Raised patios with flowable fill will reduce construction time.

Double coverage

Down to Earth is building two sides of a brand that feed each other.

Some like it hot

A Michigan company grew what began as a small firepit project into one of the company’s biggest.

Snow & Ice Supplement

Short season

The team at Sunshine Landscape doesn’t experience snow for too long, but still has to stay alert for offseason storms.

Delayed savings

A bill passed in late 2015 could mean more money for snow contractors in 2016 and beyond.