October 2017

Leadership Awards

Pay it forward

Rick Doesburg was part of and ran a successful landscaping business for decades, but it’s his contribution to younger generations that meant the most to him.

Not a know-it-all

Matt Jesson succeeded in business by leveraging best practices from other industry leaders, and then sharing what he learned with others.

Living the dream

Jesus “Chuy” Medrano proves that growing your own destiny is possible.

Always learning

We asked a few past Leadership Award winners about their thoughts on being a leader.

State of the Industry Report


Fuel Management


Onsite fuel reduces costly windshield time and minimizes the risk of theft – if you plan properly.


Lock and load

These compact wheel and track loaders are small enough to go wherever your job takes them, but they pack enough power to get the job done.


Under your nose

When an employee put Rivertop Contracting in a hole by stealing money, management had to change the way the company does business.

Sports Turf

Know the score

Maintaining sports fields takes a different approach from residential and commercial properties.

Synthetic turf

Fake it

New technology has made synthetic turf more realistic, both in looks and in options.

Snow & Ice Supplement

Ready for winter

Ariens Co. launched its 2018 snow products and Lawn & Landscape got a close look at the new lineup.

Blooming in Bloomingdale

An Ontario-based company increases efficiency in snow removal despite mild winters that posed staffing concerns.

Strategy in the storm

Having the right in-cab controls can make or break your performance in a snow event.


Fleet Supplement

Fleet-efficient options

Efficiency is one of the biggest benefits contractors see when they integrate GPS routing systems into their fleets.