October 2018



Pieces & parts

Spray heads and nozzles are the nuts and bolts of an irrigation system. Here’s what’s new in the market.

Site Cleanup

Keep it clean

Holding crews accountable for small details can improve job satisfaction for clients and employees.

State of the Industry Report

Staying strong

Our 2018 State of the Industry Report explores how contractors across the country have fared this year.

Challenge accepted

Contractors across North America are facing their biggest problems head on with innovative solutions and can-do attitudes.

People problems

With a bigger spotlight on immigration and the H-2B program coming from Washington, landscapers are working hard to stay legal and find and keep good workers.

Get out!

With the recent onslaught of various restrictions, industry professionals are looking for ways to keep operations going.

Funds for fuel

Rising gasoline costs have some contractors reworking contracts or bracing to eat the cost.

Leadership Awards

Seasoned coach

Jason Cupp built up a landscaping company, but many in the industry recognize him for his ability to give back to others and coach them to succeed.

People first

Nada Duna inspires the industry to do its best one person at a time.

Consensus builder

The past decade, Scott Grams moved the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association to the next level through his expertise on legislative policies and hosting educational events.

‘Moore’ to give

A long-time veteran of the industry, Bruce Moore Sr. is a leader at work, at home and in his community.

A better way

Emerging Leader: Zech Strauser is finding his place in the industry through nonprofits and a fresh perspective.


Snow & Ice Supplement

Cancelled flight

Laid off from an airline job, Carl Bolm fell in love with snow removal.

Storm watch

Weather systems aren’t a must-have when it comes to snow removal services, but they might be able to give you an edge.

Tag team

Many property managers and owners don’t understand why the industry relies on subcontractors. Here are answers to common questions that will calm customer fears.

Fleet Supplement

Staying on track

GPS systems give owners a tool for monitoring performance, improving efficiency and ensuring safety.