September 2018

Branching Out

Vino venture

A love of wine coupled with landscaping expertise drove the owners of Ohio Valley Group to open a winery in their business’ backyard.

Everything outdoors

From dog park design to monument signs to playground installation, Richmond & Associates Landscaping is using its employees’ skills to keep growing.

Tree in one

The Canopy Crew started as a tree care business with goals to add on tree house construction and tree house rental segments to the business.

Sacred groundwork

Columbarium gardens provide a design/build company with a new business segment and a sense of pride.



Helpful hindsight

After a top employee built his own business on Sharpescapes’ time, the company implemented new rules to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


At your fingertips

Updates to WiFi and mobile features allow you and your clients to monitor irrigation systems in the palm of your hand.


Repair or replace

Retaining walls should be built to last a long time, but mistakes and Mother Nature can cause them to need repairs.

Snow & Ice Supplement

Buying blades

Before buying a plow, contractors should consider the perks to both v-blades and straight-blades to see which application fits their needs best.

Subzero heroes

Pioneer Landscapes goes the extra mile for snow workers.